About Us

We started off in Turkey, our target is the world.

Our company

Develops products by prioritizing design and durability in accordance with the demand by researching various furniture needs of different sectors in general.

As a Category

We produce products such as office furniture, executive seats, work seats, waiting chairs, bar stools, chairs, furniture and decorations.

Quality Management

Raw materials and semi-finished parts used in our products are passed through various test stages and we use the best ones in our products. We continuously improve target quality standards in production by auditing and criticizing them and we act in accordance with our principle of providing the best to the custome

Production System

While we are aware of the contribution of technological systems, automation and mechanization to development and growth in production, we are developing our production systems by renewing them in accordance with the capital capacity of our company.

Design Management

We evaluate innovation as an absolute situation by continuously increasing the time and budget we devote to our model design studies that reflect the modern lines of today and the future in accordance with the innovative and modern vision.

Environmental Sensitivity

We are aware that the purpose of nature's existence is to give us life. With this awareness, we try to minimize the damage we cause by avoiding the use of environmentally damaging materials and constantly researching to make recycling maximum efficient.

After-Sales Responsibility

After-sales service responsibility, which is perhaps the most important issue in our services, is our most important company rule, which we are ready to sacrifice in all kinds of profitability and time because we believe that trust will bring continuity because of our goal of becoming a promising brand. In addition to all these responsibilities, we take care to act with a commercial phenomenon and principles in accordance with the interests, requirements and private sector order of our country by focusing on the broader framework in everything we do privately. The place of these criteria in our goals is always constant and permanent.